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How can you be a partner in our Endeavor? 

Our mission is to direct energies towards the differently abled brethren and the needy in our community and assist them become self-reliant.
This endeavor cannot be possible without your support and partnership. Which enables us sustain and reach out to many more and empower them through education, vocational training and livelihood support.
We hope you’ll enjoy when you see the progress of those you’ve helped. Rejoice in the hope you see in their smiles. Recognize the fullness of life reflected in their faces. We deeply value each individual who contributes to our work. Together, we can build a better world.

  1. Sponsoring:
    • Breakfast – 4000/- per meal, per day.
    • Lunch/Dinner –   6000/- per meal, per day. It is regular meals - Rice, Sambar or Rasam, Palya & Butter milk
    • Endowment policy is one of the schemes wherein the donations are accepted in multiples of Rs.1000/-. The accrued interest would be used for any specific choice of meals on the specified day of donor’s choice.
  2. Donation for construction & maintenance activities- Rs.10000/- and multiples accepted.
  3. Sponsoring / distance adoption of a child: Rs.12,000/- per annum, covering entire cost of education and upkeep.
  4. Provision for providing milk: Donor can donate a cow or Rs.50,000/- towards purchase of cow. Milk will be served to all children.
  5. Donation in kind such as mp3 players, kitchen vessels, office furniture’s & fixtures, Braille equipment, mobility devices. Computers, sports & games equipment, vocational training equipment and school uniform accepted.
  6. General donations would be most welome to get more information on how to donate Click Here